I am more at the technical end of the UX spectrum, so I’m quite happy sitting down with clients or managing a user working group, talking to them about their requirements, and ultimately producing a user interface for them. Along the way, I usually create some lo-fi or hi-fi wireframes for at least a few key parts of the site to illustrate a defined process, and often go on to produce static, clickable prototypes for them to demonstrate trickier parts of an application (or the whole thing).

My UX process generally starts with a pencil and a nice pad of A4 graph paper. I tend to do wireframes using the amazing Omnigraffle (or sometimes Balsamiq for a quick sketch), and I often put prototypes together using a CSS framework such as Bootstrap – it’s quick to build with and pretty comprehensive.

More of my time over the last year or two has been spent building prototypes – they are an inexpensive way of generating reliable representations of a process and elicit extremely valuable feedback which can ultimately shorten dev time.

  • Sharp pencil & a sketch pad!
  • Auditing existing sites
  • Requirements analysis
  • Managing user groups
  • Creating user surveys & analysis
  • Hi-fi & lo-fi wireframing
  • Prototypes
  • Omnigraffle
  • Axure