I am, in roughly equal measure, a UX consultant, a web developer and also very occasionally, a technical author. I split my time fairly evenly between working directly for my own clients, or sub-contracting to agencies as a member of their development/technical team.

Private clients

I can build a fully dynamic, responsive, custom website for your company, write some technical documentation for your organisation or help you plan and develop your application. I can also help out with things like hosting, email and search engine optimisation.

For any option above, once we've agreed on a rough specification, then I can give you a fixed price for the whole lot. I consider my rates to be pretty competitive, I have a lot of experience in my field(s) and I'm confident I can help you present your business. Have a look at some of the projects I've worked on or get in touch to discuss your project.


If you need some help on one of your web or technical authoring projects for a few days/weeks, then book me in. I also do a lot of UX consultancy these days, managing user groups and conducting requirements analysis then putting together wire frames and prototypes.

My rates are competitive and flexible for bulk bookings and I can work on site, depending on where you are, or from my own office (which also works out cheaper!). Give me a shout if you want to go over a project.